Bluevolution 92

6 Chambers

Salamander profile with 6 insulation chambers.

92 mm

Construction depth.

1,5 – 2 mm reinforcement

Standard stiffening with closed galvanised steel on the heel.

3 gaskets

Profile system with 3 insulation gaskets.

Maco Multimatic Austria fittings

Perimeter fittings and micro-ventilation.

Triple glazing

40mm triple glazing, Warm Edge thermal spacer.

Technical details

  • Construction depth: 92 mm;
  • Profile: 6 chambers, 3 seals, made 100% in Germany;
  • Redrawing: 1.5mm – 2mm;
  • Maco Multimatic Austria fittings: Fitted as standard with perimeter fittings, micro-ventilation, secustick handles, mechanism against incorrect operation;
  • Glass package: with 3 glass sheets (40mm), Warm Edge spacer, argon inert gas;
  • Available colours: grey or brown.




Roller shutters

Insect screens