Roller shutters

Home is where we spend most of our lives. Stylish and useful, the aluminium rollers have polyurethane foam-filled slats, which provide good thermal and sound insulation.

The rollers prevent overheating on hot summer days and prevent heat loss in winter, and protect against prying eyes, especially when windows face the street or a neighbouring house.

The external rollers are available in two mounting options:

1. External overlapping rollers, fitted above the joinery;
2. External applied rollers, fitted to existing joinery.

Mode of operation:

  • Manual ribbon operation;
  • Electric operation with remote control;
  • Manual crank operation;
  • Electric push-button operation;
  • The rollers are available in a range of colours.

Overlapping roller shutters with insect screen

The box is made of PVC and is square. It can be plastered outside and inside. It is fitted with an ingenious ceiling or beam clamping system.

The blades are made of aluminium, filled with polyurethane foam and can be 39 mm or 55 mm in size.

The insect screen is introduced during the manufacturing process and it is a vertically operable roll.

It is fitted with a silicone brake to slow down the lifting speed. This doubles the life of the screen and protects it against wear.

Overlapping roller shutters with insect screen

The box is made of PVC and can be plastered inside and out. It has the same fastening system with ceiling or beam clamps. It comes with a manhole cover and can be of various sizes. The front of the box can be used as a decorative part or as a support for the decoration of the building.

The blades are made of aluminium with polyurethane foam inside and can be 39 mm or 55 mm. They are double-coated and give the colour a special resistance. In addition to the standard colours, this type of product can be painted in a wide range of RAL and wood imitation colours.

Aluminium applied roller shutters

The box is made of aluminium and is oval or 45° tapered.

The blades are made of 39 mm or 55 mm aluminium and are filled with polyurethane foam.

Operation can be electric or manual.

The insect screen is of the roller type, it is vertically operated by means of a lanyard, has brushes at the base for hermetic sealing and is provided with a silicone brake as standard.

PVC applied roller shutters

The box is made of galvanized sheet metal and is 45ᵒ bevelled.

The blades are made of PVC and are 39 mm in size. The end blade is metal.

Operation is manual. It is done with tape or string.