Insect screens

Insect roller screens

The roller mosquito screens are made with aluminium box and guides, and the net is made of translucent, non-flammable, weatherproof and sunlight resistant carbon fibre. The colour of the net is grey and the standard colours for the guide profiles and box are white and brown.

Operation is facilitated by springs, making it easy to raise and lower by pulling the drive string. The roller screen is fitted with a mechanism to prevent accidental lifting.

During the cold season the screen can be kept/lifted in the box, so there is no need to remove it from the window – the guides and the box are so designed that they do not alter the aesthetics of the joinery in any way.

Prevents the penetration of insects and wind-borne impurities.


Particularly light

– monthly, it is recommended to remove the dust deposited on the fibreglass with a brush, an electrostatic duster or by vacuuming;
– whenever necessary, after stripping, clean the running rails by washing with a sponge or damp cloth.

Plisse insect screen

Plisse insect screens can be said to be the top product in terms of insect screens, being by design and by operation, comfort and use one of the best products both in terms of price and quality. Plisse insect screens are the latest generation of high protection systems against insects, flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes.


These Plisse insect screens are often most often used on apartment doors, patios, gazebos being slide operated, they do not require extra space for opening. This type of netting is manually operated, closing the net in its own heel.

This type of Plisse insect screen is made of aluminium, extruded aluminium profile electrostatically painted, the insect screen is made of carbon fibre and glass, the design of the insect screen is harmonic (fan type) because this net is tightened in its own heel, the operation of the net is also helped by the drive and sliding wings of the plisse net.