WIN glass bars


Bars or ornaments between the glass give your windows style and elegance and are the best way to give your home a personal touch.

Applied bars

The applied bars are glued to the outer surface of the glass and have the effect of accentuating the chosen pattern and integrating into the overall appearance of the facade.

The glass is divided according to the pattern of the bar on the outside using the Warm Edge or aluminium spacer.

The applied bars can be ordered:

  • in the same colour as the PVC profiles (based on the colour palette);
  • can be 27, 32, 45 or 62 mm;
  • straight or round.

Internal bars

The integrated bars, used as a decorative element, are placed between the two panes of the double pane glazing package, which allows easy maintenance of the window.

They are both a decorative part of the architectural style for renovations and a tool to satisfy every taste for new construction.

Internal bars can be 8, 18 or 26 mm.