Warm Edge Spacer

The use of Warm Edge spacers between the insulating glass considerably reduces heat transmission compared to conventional aluminium strips, which helps to achieve a lower heat transfer coefficient for windows and doors.

This spacer is used to reduce the conduction phenomenon, thus decreasing the amount of heat that is lost through the edges of the double glazing.

How much the Warm Edge helps and exactly what the difference is between a window with Warm Edge and one without, we find out from the following example:

* a 1200 x 1200 window, one fixed and one movable eye, Win Design profile – Uf=1.3 (5 chambers) with 40 mm triple glazing – 4Season/Float/LowE+Argon Ug=0.6. In the first variant, the glazing will have aluminium spacers, in the second variant it will have Warm Edge spacers.

So we have the following results:

– Version without Warm Edge – Uw = 1.23 W/ K;
– Warm Edge version – Uw = 1.03 W/ K.

So the difference is quite considerable.

Furthermore, the Warm Edge is mandatory on any window system that receives Passive House certification.

So Warm Edge technology is not just marketing, it helps a lot in insulating the home, and the cost difference is not considerable.