Window fittings

Alongside the profile and glass used for the construction of windows and doors, the fittings plays an extremely important role, especially as these are the parts most exposed to wear and tear.

After years of experience, we have chosen to offer you quality fittings: Maco Multi-Matic – Austria, which ensures a long, impeccable service life and easily meets the most demanding requirements.

WIN doors and windows are equipped with HOPPE Secustik® handles. The patented locking mechanism in the Secustik® handle prevents tampering with the window from the outside.

The handle makes an audible sound when operated, which means the security function is active.

WIN windows are equipped as standard with Maco Multi-Matic Austria fittings.

1. Lower hinge frame and teal
2. Additional closing rod
3. Horizontal oscillating fang
4. Cremon constant
5. Incorrect actuation prevention mechanism
6. Even corner
7. Tipping shears
8. Economic ventilation
9. Uneven corner
10. Upper hinge
11. Stulp rod
12. Burglar-proof locking piece

Incorrect drive mechanism and canned lifter role

Burglar-proof locking system

Stulp rod for easy manoeuvrability

Economical ventilation for regular air exchange

Hidden hinges for an exclusive design (optional)

Technical details

  • It is highly resistant to corrosion;
  • The closing rollers of the fittings are mushroom type;
  • The Maco fittings is equipped with a system to prevent the sash from being operated incorrectly, which allows the sash to be placed on the frame (vertical adjustment). If the window becomes out of position over time, the sash lifter returns the movable part to the adjusted position when fitted. The mushroom-type closing rollers of the Maco Mulți-Matic fittings can be adjusted in height;
  • Maco Multi-Matic fittings is equipped with micro-ventilation as standard;
  • On 2-sash windows, the inactive sash is operated in one operation with a central lever;
  • Maco Multi-Matic fittings is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20,000 closing/opening cycles;
  • Maco Multi-Matic fittings is specially treated with chrome by a process called Silver Lock;
  • Applying paraffin on the fittings is a Maco innovation and achieves uniformity of its coating. By taking advantage of these two processes, Maco fittings has a much lower coefficient of friction between its elements, which leads to an extended service life.

Examples of hoppe tulon handles used

White handle

Bronze handle

Titanium handle

Handle with key

Gold handle