Residential doors

The door of the home is the calling card of our lifestyle.

The possibility to customise them according to one’s taste makes a door the first distinctive element in identifying oneself.

Glass, colour, ornamental panels, handles can be combined to best represent the style of our home.

Lift-up sliding doors

WIN HST lift-up sliding doors stand out thanks to their unique design and elegance, high profile quality and a rich range of colours and accessories.

Oscillating sliding doors

These types of doors are the ideal solution for enclosing large spaces, as the opening of the sash is on a rail that runs parallel to the fixed sash, thus not taking up space inside the room.

Sliding doors in plane

Sliding windows and doors are a feature of modern homes, discreetly dividing and separating different rooms or activity areas. They are easy and practical to operate and lend themselves to any style of interior design.

EvolutionDrive Plus

EvolutionDrive Plus sliding doors impress with their space-saving sliding and ventilation convenience, as well as their space-opening effect.

Sliding elements make the rooms feel more spacious and much brighter, and make the passage to the outside more accessible.