About us

Because we value quality, the company’s policy is oriented to offer and promote the best products and services that allow us to meet our customers’ requirements.

We have succeeded in forming a team of reliable and responsible people who will represent the interests of the company and yours.

Accountability is not just a “big” word, it defines our attitude towards customers.

We fulfil all our contractual promises and carry out each project according to the real needs of our clients.

We behave responsibly towards our customers, demonstrating with every action we take that we are a long-term, reliable partner.


We opened our doors in 1993 with the production of aluminium joinery.

In 2002 the first PVC and GT joinery line was purchased.

We started modestly, in a rented space of 300sqm, and in 2004 we built our own 800sqm hall and bought a new production line.

Due to the rapid growth of the business, in 2009 the company quickly relocated to its own 2600sqm premises.

In 2014 we made our presence felt on the foreign market by concluding several cooperation agreements.

In 2015 we were among the first companies in the country to purchase invisible welding lines and other CNC cutting and machining equipment that greatly increased the yield and quality of the product, thus obtaining quality certification from the profile manufacturer.

In 2023 the company expanded from 2600sqm to 5000sqm, we increased the number of welding lines and for environmental protection we purchased electric transport machines for the assembly teams.



The most important role in influencing contemporary life today is undeniably played by technology.

We pay bills with just a few taps of the mobile phone screen, control our business and home security remotely.

So we’re doing more and more things with smart technology.

Our technological lines that make up the manufacturing flows are equipped with modern machinery and installations, at the level of current technology, namely: numerically controlled cutting centres for PVC and aluminium, processing, bending and machining of the spacer strips of the insulating glass, four-headed welding machines with 0 welding bead, ironwork clamping table on parts, robots for sealing the insulating glass, glass cutting and washing machines, etc.

With these machines we produce PVC and aluminium parts that could not be made manually to the high standards we offer. The trend for development in the area of robotics and technological innovations is growing.

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